Roma Narsinghani’s new line of eco-brass jewellery is an exploration of her cultural identity

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In jewellery designer Roma Narsinghani’s world, seemingly disparate elements—food, architecture and resilience—are woven together by a singular thread of inspiration—her Sindhi roots. The philosophy is demonstrated best in her new collection Lola & Koki, named after the two types of Sindhi rotis, which she uses as metaphors; Lola being the sweet roti and Koki the salty one. “The community’s enduring resilience, shaped by centuries of adversity, is captured in the bold and enduring forms that symbolise the strength and fortitude of its people. Sindhi architecture is characterised by a distinctive blend of Islamic, Mughal and indigenous influences, resulting in unique, ornate structures. This heritage has inspired the intricate detailing and geometric motifs in the collection,” says the 39-year-old designer.

To the world, it may look like just another new line of jewellery, but for Narsinghani, it’s a personal journey of reconnecting with her roots; one that’s closely tied to her quest for self-discovery. This is why she took her sweet time developing the eco brass line, embellished with bio-material algae beads, created in collaboration with material designer Aradhita Parasampuria.

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