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Women are grumpier than men during the winter months, according to research. A poll, of 2,011 adults, found six in 10 females admit to being in a bad mood between December and February – compared to just 48 percent of males.

Miserable weather was the top reason women feel this way (87 percent), while men are most likely to blame it on a lack of sunshine (81 percent).

As a result, 42 percent of all adults are imminently likely to book a holiday, to give them something look forward to – with 32 percent more inclined to do this than they were five years ago.

It also emerged feeling the sun on their skin (55 percent), spending more time outside (53 percent), and the general warmer weather (61 percent), are things people miss at this time of year in the UK.

Steve Heapy, CEO of Jet2holidays, which commissioned the research, said: “The first Saturday after Christmas and New Year is traditionally a very busy time for holiday bookings.

“This year will be no different, as people look to swap the cold and wet UK for some much-needed sunshine.

“Our research and data tells us that people feel more inclined to book a sunshine holiday than ever – so, with the festivities over, we’re expecting the usual post-Christmas and New Year rush.”

The study found lack of sleep (33 percent), low moods (31 percent), and feeling irritable (24 percent), were among the direct results of reduced daylight during winter.

Unsurprisingly, 44 percent would be happy to get rid of the changing clocks, as 23 percent believe this is an outdated tradition – with 34 percent keen to see more sun during the darker months.

And if the UK had more daylight hours, the average adult would spend an additional three and a half hours outside each week, according to the OnePoll.com study.

To combat the lack of sunshine during the colder months, 42 percent take a Vitamin D supplement, while 35 percent keep their curtains or blinds open for as long as possible.

And an overwhelming 98 percent are aware of how important sunshine is for their overall wellbeing, with 85 percent claiming a holiday has a positive impact on them.

Steve Heapy added: “People very much consider a holiday to be essential for their wellbeing, and are prioritising getting their all-important getaway booked in their diaries.

“As more people than ever look to secure a well-deserved holiday, we are seeing great demand across the board for favourites such as the Canaries, the Balearics, Mainland Spain, Turkey, and Greece, as well as for the Italian Beach, Bulgaria, Malta, and Croatia.”

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