These record-setting Toronto-area twins were never expected to survive. Now, they’re nearly 2

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The twins were born in March 2022 in Toronto, at a combined weight of 750 grams, or 1.65 pounds. They now hold a Guinness World Record, but more importantly, they’re alive — and will soon celebrate their second birthday.

The Nadarajah twins were born in March 2022, weighing a combined 750 grams, or 1.65 pounds

How the world’s most premature twins are doing, nearly two years after their birth

A set of twins from Ajax, Ont. were given almost no chance of survival at birth — now, they’re thriving. Adiah and Adrial Nadarajah were born four months early on March 4, 2022, and now hold two world records for the youngest and lightest premature babies born in history. CBC Toronto visited the twins and their parents to find out how they’re doing.

Shakina Rajendram and Kevin Nadarajah don’t care much that their children are world record holders.

Nearly two years after the Nadarajah twins became the youngest and lightest premature babies born in history — according to the Guinness Book of World Records — their parents only care that their children are alive and well.

Adiah and Adrial were born on March 4, 2022, a mere 22 weeks into Rajendram’s pregnancy.

When she went into labour, two days earlier, Rajendram was told it was all but guaranteed the children would die shortly after she gave birth.

But when they came into the world at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, weighing a combined 750 grams, or 1.65 pounds, doctors were able to keep them alive.

As they approach their second birthday, CBC Toronto checked in with the family to see how the babies, now toddlers, are doing.

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