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Amsterdam now has one of the world’s highest tourist taxes after the city increased its fee in 2024.

Tourists must now pay 12.5 percent of the overnight rate at their hotel, campsite or holiday rental.

Cruise passengers are charged a fee of 14 euros (£11.98) under the Dutch city’s daytripper tax.

This marks a huge rise from Amsterdam’s previous tourist tax which cost seven percent of the nightly fee.

According to city officials, money raised from the tourist tax will be invested in neighbourhoods.

‌Hester Van Buren, Amsterdam’s deputy mayor, said: “Visitors will thus help to pay for the city to carry out its tasks.

“This allows us to address the consequences of overtourism and direct additional resources to keep the streets clean and solve acute problems in neighbourhoods and districts.”

The Dutch capital has been struggling to deal with overtourism and would like fewer tourists to visit the city.

Last year, tourism officials launched a ‘Stay Away’ campaign, which aimed to discourage stag parties and rowdy tourists from holidaying in Amsterdam.

The city’s famous Red Light District and cannabis coffee shops often attract stag and hen parties.

It’s not the only destination to have hiked its tourist tax this year. Paris has also raised fees for tourists.

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