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The island of Jersey may be a British island but it sits just a few miles off the coast of France and was among the territories occupied by Germany during World War 2.

In common with the British mainland, Jersey has a bevvy of famous seaside towns and villages that attract thousands of tourists to the island every year.

Among these famous villages is Rozel Bay.

Sitting on the island’s north east coast, it features all the accoutrements of a traditional seaside village including a beachy and a range of cafes.

What’s more, because Rozel Bay is in a British territory, Britons don’t need a British passport in order to travel there.

On the Jersey website, Rozel Bay is described as a “beautiful fishing port nestled in Jersey’s northeast, sheltered by green rolling hills”.

They added: “Low tide reveals a small expanse of beautiful white sand with tiny fishing boats stranded on its banks. Many are drawn to this blissful scene to pass a quiet afternoon over cloudless views of the French coast.”

There are several things to do in Rozel Bay including visiting the beach and eating at famous venues such as The Hungry Man, and La Chaire Restaurant, staying at the Harbourmaster’s Hut and the Rozel Camping Park.

The Jersey site cautioned: “Rozel is more of a traditional harbour than pleasure beach, and you will lose the sun in the late afternoon. Lift your spirits in the cheery little café, The Hungry Man.”

Alongside the Jersey focused travel sites, Rozel Bay also has a keen following on TripAdvisor where people have been full of praise for the area.

One person wrote: “Lovely place with a harbour, tea rooms, cafe on the harbour wall (Hungry Man) and a shop selling interesting stuff and tea room.

“Really enjoyed our visit here. Parking is limited though and we had to park up the hill and walk back which was a big walk.”

Another person added: “We did a fantastic, spectacular, quiet walk from Bourney Bay then ended up at Rozel. Lovely little place with a harbour, tea rooms, great cafe on the harbour wall (Hungry Man) and a shop selling interesting stuff.”

The Hungry Man in particular received rave reviews. One person wrote: “What an amazing treat this was. We had the 6oz Jersey beef burgers. The chilli burger was phenomenal.

“So juicy and full of flavour, I really rate this as being one of the best burgers I have ever had! Staff are lovely too and the view is fantastic – cracking!”

A second person said: “We visit The Hungry Man whenever we visit Jersey which has been operating since 1947. It’s always a treat, in a beautiful harbour, with fantastic service.

“They provide a wonderful brunch-type menu all day with everything cooked to order and served in efficient time. Owner Philippa and her staff are stars!”

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