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Hate flying in the middle seat? It’s always the most unpopular seat on a plane due to the lack of legroom and it doesn’t really have any benefits.

The middle seat flyer could be in for an even more uncomfortable flight if their neighbouring passengers aren’t considerate.

Rosie Panter, travel expert at dealchecker, has explained why British tourists need to be careful how they’re using the plane armrests.

She said: “If you think you’re entitled to both armrests on a plane, and you aren’t in the middle seat, then you are just plain wrong.

“Aeroplane politics are a serious matter and armrest etiquette should not be taken lightly.

“Put simply, those assigned the middle seat have drawn the short straw, so if you are in the window or the aisle seats, be nice and let those in the middle have full rein over both armrests.”

The middle passenger might not have the window or easy access to the toilet but they do have two armrests.

According to Rosie, it’s up to the window and aisle passenger to allow the middle seat traveller to use both armrests.

Rosie also warned passengers to stop clapping when the plane lands, calling it an annoying behaviour that needs to be left in the past.

While it’s not that common in the UK, some passengers like to applaud the pilot when the plane touches down.

However, another etiquette expert said this could be considered as rude behaviour towards the pilot.

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