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Travellers with British passports must follow two important conditions for their for travel to countries in the European Union. The first one is that on the day of joining the EU, the document was issued less than a decade ago.

The other one is that on the planned day of exiting the EU, there is a minimum of three months remaining before the expiration date.

An article by The Independent describes a situation where there was initially confusion regarding the expiration period of British passports for travel to the EU.

The Foreign Office and Home Office initially stated that British passports expire after nine years and nine months, and this misinformation was briefly extended to claim that children’s UK passports were no longer valid after four years and nine months.

In May 2022, officials and ministers acknowledged the error and changed the government advice. Despite this correction, ground staff at UK airports continued to turn away passengers unnecessarily, leading to distress and potential compensation claims.

The article provides examples of individuals, such as Laura Savage and Mark Starkey, who were turned away from their flights due to incorrect passport validity information.

Each incident prompts previous victims to come forward and seek compensation for wrongful denials of boarding.

The piece explains that under European air passengers’ rights rules (EU261) are entitled to £220 in compensation for denied boarding, along with a refund of their return airfare.

The process involves submitting a claim through the airline’s online portal, supplying a scan of the passport dates.

The article acknowledges that claiming additional sums, such as wasted travel costs or pre-paid accommodation, may be more challenging, as airlines often argue they are not liable for “consequential losses.”

The author suggests that pursuing such claims might involve legal battles and recommends alternative dispute resolution (ADR) if the initial claim is refused.

It is advised to be patient in seeking compensation, as the process can take months or even years before resolution.

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