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Spain is the UK’s leading holiday destination and millions of Brits are likely to book a holiday to the sunny Mediterranean country this year.

But when’s the best time to book a summer holiday?

While January can be a cheap month to book due to travel deals and sales, new research from a team of travel experts has found it might be better to wait.

Flight comparison website KAYAK looked at data from 2023 bookings to find the cheapest month to book a summer holiday to Spain, France, Portugal or Greece.

According to the data, the cheapest flights to Spain can be found around two months before the holiday with travel almost 25 percent cheaper than booking nine months before.

It was a similar story with other top European destinations, such as Greece and Portugal, with flights cheapest two months before a holiday.

Annie Wilson, KAYAK chief commercial officer said: “If you’re planning on booking a summer holiday to Greece, then you may want to wait a few more months, as our data shows that travellers who booked their trip around two months before departure saved on average 16 percent more than booking nine months before they travelled.”

However, long-haul destinations such as Thailand were cheaper up to eight months before the trip.

Flight prices vary on a lot of factors and if tourists see a price they’re happy to pay, it’s a good idea to secure it as it may go up. Travellers can also set up price alerts to monitor price fluctuations for their destination.

If it’s a very popular destination, it’s important to check the price and availability of accommodation as top spots such as Ibiza tend to get booked up very quickly.

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