13 Best TikTok Tools For Fast Audience Growth (2024)

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TikTok became the world’s most downloaded app on Apple devices in 2018 and has been growing quickly ever since.

It’s now firmly embedded in Gen Z’s daily lives and spans across 154 countries with 500 million active users.

If you are an aspiring influencer, business, or brand and aren’t on TikTok, you may need to re-think that approach!

It takes time and effort to grow your TikTok following, and for many people, it’s time they simply don’t have. This article shares the 12 best TikTok tools available to help grow your profile without burning out or spending all day in a TikTok vortex.

13 best sites for TikTok tools in 2024 (That still work)

Using a TikTok tool to help grow your exposure can add real value to your marketing campaigns. Here are the best sites from our independent testing.

Useviral is known as your social media superpower. If you want to grow anything Tiktok, this is the best tool available on the market to help with your Tiktok growth.

Useviral supports any size customer, from small to enterprise and all the packages include the highest quality services available.

All Packages Include:

  • Highest Quality Services
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 30-Day Refill Guarantee!

You can try Useviral here

Sidesmedia is the place to go if you want to buy TikTok followers, likes, or views. It’s a done-for-you-service with instant delivery, real people, 24/7 customer support, and competitive pricing.

Sidesmedia also has a range of credible payment options, including Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and all the major credit cards. Plus, its site is secure and they have tons of positive customer reviews.

Its packages start for as little as $0.49 for 100 TikTok views – but there are dozens of packages to choose from, so you’ll find something that works for you.

Try Sidesmedia here.

TokUpgrade for tiktok tools

The best TikTok growth service currently available on the market is without doubt TokUpgrade.

One of the reasons this TikTok tool is so strong is the way they disseminate the targeting and data points for the demographics you want to appeal to and embed it in the growth strategy for your account.

It’s easy to deploy automation in order to gain followers, however, getting real targeted followers is a lot more complex. With the rise of platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, finding a niche platform to target customers has become more important than ever. TokUpgrade provides customers with a service that does just that.

Tiktok Target Followers for tiktok tools

Unlike other growth services, TokUpgrade is honest about its growth expectations for your account. They don’t promise exact outcomes as these are dependent on the community, data points, and demographics you want to work with. If you see a service that promises exponential growth quickly, you can be sure that the growth won’t be as targeted or niche as you require.

If these points alone weren’t enough to draw you to TokUpgrade, their security pledge may sway you. Very few growth providers make a concerted effort to ensure your account security, but TokUpgrade encrypts your data end to end to keep it safe. For stable TikTok growth and an easy to use platform, TokUpgrade should be your first choice.

Here is a quote from one of their happy clients:

“TokUpgrade really works, it has helped me reach more users and grow on TikTok! I’ve had a lot more duet requests!! Yay!”

Kourtney Brewer, Digital Marketing Consultant

Try TokUpgrade here.

#4. Social Viral

Social Viral is another service you can buy real TikTok engagement from – views, likes, and followers.

It’s similar in many ways to Stormlikes, but its packages are slightly different. You won’t have to hand over your password, and can be confident that the followers you buy are real and genuine users. Plus, they’ve got attentive customer support there to answer any questions.

Try Social Viral here.

TokSocial for tiktok tools

If Tokupgrade isn’t for you, then Toksocial can provide a viable alternative.

They pride themselves on having an organic growth strategy, which gives users fantastic results that reflect their target market.

When you use a growth service on TikTok, you want users that are interested in your content to interact with you, this then causes a feedback loop of other interested parties seeing your posts and your following building.

Toksocial provides the catalyst to getting your TikTok’s seen by the correct audience and then they branch out from there. Their advanced filter system allows you to really hone in on who you want to engage and interact with, this can be changed and adapted at any point to reflect market trends and changes.

Toksocial doesn’t offer users unrealistic growth expectations – organic strategies typically start slower than bought followers or wide-ranging bots and automation. But you can be sure that you will be getting quality over quantity, and if you want to build authority and social proof on the platform, this is exactly what you want.

Toksocial works within the parameters set by TikTok in their terms of service, so you can be sure that your account won’t be blocked from interacting with other users and you won’t receive a shadowban. They only promote true organic TikTok growth with real, active users.

Try Toksocial Here.

#6. TokGrowth

When it comes to an organic TikTok growth service, TokGrowth stands on top of the rest with their completely safe and trusted service. You get these services that overdo actions on TikTok that can get user accounts banned. TokGrowth gets you real followers with their automation bot that will precisely target the right profiles and hashtags to engage with users account.

For this to work, TokGrowth does take a lot longer to show results and can take a few days before you see some follower growth. When you sign up, your account goes through a Provisioning stage where they gather your details and make sure the targeting and hashtags for your profile suit you best. The Provisioning can take up to 24 hours before your account goes live and you see a handful of followers in your account.

This isn’t a one-time purchase either, for users to get real TikTok followers it’s important they’re in it for the long run. After three to four weeks with the service you will start to see hundreds of followers come through each week. 

TokGrowth is well aware of TikTok’s terms of service and parameters so your account will never be at risk. They get you real TikTok followers that will engage with your account and that you will keep. They’re the ideal TikTok growth service for TikTok influencers or small businesses wanting to grow their social account.

Try Tok Growth Here.

TikTok Tools - Autotokker

AutoTokker uses the tried and tested methodology, follow/unfollow.

It is a very basic principle, but it is one that elicits results, as other users like feeling validated when their account is followed and if your content is interesting, they will more than likely return the favor.

Unlike TokUpgrade and Toksocial, this TikTok tool has some limited configuration capabilities. AutoTokker solely relies on utilizing big accounts within your particular niche and will then follow/unfollow their followers. So there is a limit as to how effective it is, especially if there isn’t an account that is a true reflection of your niche.

The growth expectations provided by AutoTokker certainly aren’t outlandish, but for a program relying on other big TikTok accounts in order to generate a following, you may find that the results aren’t exactly what you want. The inability to input your exact target market may be problematic for some more niche accounts.

There is no mention of security and how Autotokker will protect your account, but they do work within the confines of TikTok’s terms of service.

Try AutoTokker here.

TikTok Tools - QuikFlok

The QuikFlok pricing plans are based on the number of followers that you can expect to receive when you pay a certain price per month.

With the base package, according to their website you can expect 3000+ per month, or an average of 100 a day over a 30-day month. Whilst this isn’t a bold claim to make, their capability and reach as a platform seems limited as their strategy is based on picking out followers from larger accounts in the hope they’ll interact.

Yes, you can auto-engage with other users on the platform that are following the popular accounts, but the fact that you can’t input your own demographic and target market features vastly reduces the reach of your account.

There is no mention of features, parameters or management when it comes to the security of your account. I would expect to see a statement from any TikTok tool stating how they will endeavor to protect your account or ensure that their operations fall within the terms of service set out by TikTok.

Try QuikFlok Here.

TikTok Tools - Jeffrey

Jeffrey also utilizes the follow/unfollow method, but it is slightly better than other services that provide a similar service. When you start using the platform you are able to program it to reflect your target market. This is a far more beneficial strategy for brands and businesses who know their demographic and who they want to see using their products.

Jeffrey is really simple to use with a smooth interface and as you control the actions, it is a good platform for someone that has a little more time on their hands or wants to come to grips with managing their own TikTok growth.

With Jeffrey, you get a security pledge, 24/7 account support and unlike other platforms, you are able to attach more than one TikTok account. Whilst it is a basic product, it provides users with value for money if you are in the position to be able to put in some time and effort.

Try Jeffrey Here.

Vire - TikTok Growth

There is limited information as to how Vire will grow your TikTok account. They state that they don’t use auto likes, comments or follows. Through utilizing real interaction, the hope is that your account will receive real interaction back. If that is the case, then your dedicated account manager will be the one behind all of your interaction on your account and will be managing your growth whilst you continue to create content.

There is always a limit to how much human-level interaction can achieve when you measure it against automation, but it may result in followers that are truly reflective of your target market.

As it stands, Vire state that they have a good understanding of TikTok’s algorithms and its limits, so they won’t abuse these when it comes to following, liking and engaging with other accounts. There is no further information pertaining to how they keep your data and account safe.

Try Vire Here.

Ektor.io produced the first TikTok growth service available on the market. If you want a totally hands-off approach and have experience in managing bots, this platform could be a good option for you.

Their smart targeting allows you to really work out who you are trying to connect with on the app and can help improve your demographic results. Whilst Ektor isn’t difficult to set up, it can be challenging if you haven’t worked with these types of TikTok tools before. The results will entirely depend on how you have set up the tool and will need adjustments if you aren’t getting the results you require.

Unlike other services, you don’t need to hand over any login information, you simply sign in and away you go.

Ektor requires two-factor authentication before you reach the dashboard. This increased level of security puts me at ease about using such a service. You will, however, need to be aware of TikTok’s daily limits when you work with this bot, as you run the risk of getting your account banned if you auto like/follow too many accounts per day.

Try Ektor Here.

Instamber recently released a TikTok bot, after focusing predominantly on Instagram for several years. Their bot uses both usernames and hashtags to find relevant accounts to follow, a proven way to increase your following.

The security for Instamber is good as it is a cloud-based application, there are no downloads and no need to pass your information over to a provider. You have the ability to manage the account and the onus is on you for keeping it secure.

Try Instamber Here.

#13. TrendGrow

TrendGrow - TikTok Tool

TrendGrow offers a managed service where they interact with your target audience on your behalf. The more interactions they make the more your account has a chance to grow. There is little information pertaining to how they actually do this, it could be by utilizing hashtags or it could be through targeted follow/unfollow actions, a conclusion can’t be drawn as there is a lack of information about the service that they provide.

You don’t need to pass your details over to TrendGrow in order for them to grow your account and they state that they offer bank-level security when processing payments. They also allude to the fact that they work within TikTok’s parameters and terms of service as they have never had an account blocked. But again, without more information as to how they grow your account, it is difficult to make conclusions about the service’s validity.

Try TrendGrow Here.

Final thoughts

There is a plethora of TikTok tools now available. Depending on what you need there is a product to fit your needs.

If you want a totally hands-off approach and allow a team of experts to grow your account, you don’t need to look any further than TokUpgrade or Toksocial. Both of these services excel in growing TikTok accounts.

Be wary of any services that make bold claims about their growth potential, as there is a high chance that they could get your account shadowbanned or blocked due to breaking TikTok’s terms of service.

Guest author: Robynne Jones is a bit of a travel nomad, originally from the UK. She’s been living in Thailand for the past few years and is now currently trying out Australia! Loves writing in her spare time about anything tech.

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