World Courier Opens Three New US Transport Stations


The latest move expands the company’s storage capacity and cold chain capabilities.

Cencora’s World Courier, a specialty logistics provider, intends on opening transport stations in three new markets in the United States, growing its presence and capacity to provide services to the specialty pharmaceutical market.1

The transport stations will be located in Denver, Indianapolis and San Diego, and are anticipated to boost World Courier’s capacity to store, handle, and transport complex specialty pharmaceutical products, including those that need cryogenic (ultra-cold) storage. The facility in Indianapolis will contain liquid nitrogen (LN2) tanks and charging capabilities.

“As more complex and sensitive pharmaceutical products enter clinical development, the demand for highly specialized logistics continues to increase,” says Matt Virgilio, World Courier’s regional VP of North America. “By expanding our network and capabilities, we are well-positioned to support our partners’ evolving needs and deliver the solutions required to protect products throughout transport—whether it’s a commercially approved cell and gene therapy product or a vaccine in clinical development.”

In other news, World Courier recently launched a container freight station at its New Hyde Park facility in New York. The new solution, combined with the approval from the US Customs and Border Protection, allows World Courier to store shipments in its facility while awaiting customs clearance, instead of having them remain with the airline.

Earlier this year, World Courier implemented a real-time location monitoring solution2 on all of its multi-use packages, allowing for greater visibility into the location of shipments in transit. In addition to the facility investments in the United States, World Courier will expand its presence in Denmark and Germany and increase its cold chain and cryogenic storage capabilities globally.

“As our partners develop and bring to market innovative new products, such as cell and gene therapies, they trust us to deliver the solutions needed to ensure their therapies can reach the patients who need them, no matter where they are,” notes Nick Porter, president of World Courier“These continued investments enable to evolve alongside our partners and deliver the specialty logistics solutions needed to support the unique requirements of the products being developed today.”


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