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Can we stop these wars?

The only way to stop wars is the education of the political elite who instigate and indulge in them. But how will dharmic truths be brought to bear on members of this elite? That is the question which cries to be answered. First and foremost, political, cultural and geographical facts in the backdrop of the tenets of dharma have to be unfolded. Then, these facts, which establish in a clear light the moral culpability of warmongers, need to be communicated to the warring parties. A central global agency can be called on to do this. But that agency needs to possess a moral and politically acceptable authority, unlike the UN of today. However, most importantly, the prime tenets of universal dharma need to be defined, described, delineated and devolved to all global nations for acceptance and adherence.

In light of what is stated above, we need to go to the fundamentals of human existence on this globe. We have to go back to the understanding that Ishwar or God is the creator of the world and all humans are his subjects who are being administered by him as per a universal code called dharma. It is this code which has been expounded in the eternal primaeval scriptures called Vedas and their derivative texts. Who is right and who is wrong can be easily understood by reference to the rules of peaceful and progressive coexistence as given in these texts. These ancient scriptures provide the eternally valid rules of governance in line with dharma and we can use these precepts to decide who committed the transgression of codes of dharma and when. But most importantly, we need to have a central, most powerful global authority that can enforce dharmic codes for cessation or prevention of hostilities.

In ancient times, global empires with overwhelming power and authority existed and fulfilled their moral responsibility to enforce dharmic codes. Something similar is required today. To this end, it is, however, important that there should be one clear ideology of humanism based on universal dharma or moral order pervading the entire globe. History of the world has witnessed utopia and peace for long periods under such ideological arrangements and geopolitical structures based on that arrangement. This is the only practical solution to the problem of global wars.

Ideology is the key. The world is a family and universal dharma is the divine code of peaceful coexistence of nations. One nation or kingdom has to assume responsibility for the enforcement and preservation of the dharmic order. This is a sustainable arrangement that has worked for centuries and millennia in the distant past and will work again.

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